Brushless X Series Motor

Discover the Brushless X Series: X150 (58 lbs, 600w) and X180 (66 lbs, 780w). With 5-speed, 3-speed reverse, telescopic handle, battery indicator. Saltwater-friendly, quiet, reliable. Contact for details.

Brushless X Series Motor

Discover the Brushless X Series Models, featuring the X150 with 58 lbs thrust and 600w power, and the X180 with 66 lbs thrust and 780w power. Both models offer 5-speed forward and 3-speed reverse, a telescopic handle, battery level indicator, and are saltwater friendly. Designed for low noise, efficient battery usage, and long-term reliability, these motors provide exceptional performance on the water. Contact us to learn more.

ModelThrust (LBS)VoltageAmpsMaximum Power (W)
X15058 lbs12v50 amp600w
X18066 lbs12v65 amp780w

Motor Abilities

  • 5 Speed Forward, 3 Speed Reverse
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Low Noise
  • Low Currency Consumption and Battery Capacity Saving
  • Long-Term Working Ability
  • Saltwater Friendly

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