Aquastrike ASI-320 MK III

Embark on your next adventure with the AquaStrike ASI-320 MK III. This 320 cm inflatable boat seats up to five, supports 15 HP, and includes essential accessories—perfect for fishing and cruising. Enjoy performance, durability, and comfort.

Aquastrike ASI-230 MK III

Embark on your next marine adventure with the AquaStrike ASI-320 MK III. This inflatable boat features a generous hull length of 320 cm and a breadth of 152 cm, providing ample space for up to five passengers. Built for performance and durability, the ASI-320 MK III includes an aluminium floor and two seats, along with essential accessories such as an under-seat bag, seat cushion, bow bag, carry bag, row locks with a set of oars, air pump, and repair kit. With a maximum power capacity of 15 HP and a load capacity of 615 kg, this boat is perfect for various water activities, from fishing trips to leisurely cruises. The AquaStrike ASI-320 MK III combines superior functionality and comfort at a competitive price, making it the perfect choice for your waterborne excursions.

Boat Specifications:

Hull length (cm)

Hull breadth (cm)

Inner length (cm)

Inner breadth (cm)

Tube diameter (cm)

Net weight (kg)








Max power


Max load


Max persons



4 to 5

  • Aluminium Floor      
  • 2 x Seats
  • Under Seat Bag
  • Seat Cushion
  • Bow Bag
  • Carry Bag      
  • Row Locks and Set of Oars
  • Air Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Fuel Tank Holding Strap

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